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Meet Your Webinar Hosts

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Ryan Grant
Division President, NEO Home Loans

Integrity is the cornerstone of Ryan’s business. He believes a mortgage should be about building relationships and helping his customers achieve their home financing goals.

As a result of his innovative approaches to lending, recruiting, and technology, Ryan is a respected thought leader in the loan officer community. 

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Spencer Dusebout
CEO and Co-founder, Daily AI
CEO, Whiteboard CRM

Spencer's personal mission is to help loan origination teams level up their businesses with innovative solutions. 

Today, Spencer is focused on disrupting traditional approaches to mortgage lending through the cutting edge technology provided by Daily AI. 



Join us for a discussion with Ryan Grant
and Spencer Dusebout about the
Daily AI acquisition of Whiteboard. 

Discussion topics will include: 

  • Reactions across the industry to the acquisition
  • Ryan Grant's personal take on the news — and his growth strategies for 2022
  • How technology can help loan officers to perform better
  • What's in store for Daily AI and Whiteboard moving forward

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